Write an obituary for themba dukes

Retired from biathlon on 8 June Her club is Douanes Autrans. Awarded French Champion cadet in Won 2 Olympic medals - a silver in the relay event in Vancouver in and a bronze in the sprint event in Sochi in

Write an obituary for themba dukes

Altogether dogs were registered and dogs were vaccinated free of cost in a mass dog registration campaign and anti-rabies vaccination drive at Mokokchung Town.

The programme which was carried out in two phase concluded today and involved all the 18 wards under the jurisdiction of the Mokokchung Municipal Council MMC. The first phase was conducted on March 15 and the second phase which started on March 20 concluded today.

According to a press note from Dr. Aoyimsen Jamir, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Mokokchung, the program was implemented under the supervision of four veterinary doctors, 37 para vets along with the assistance of the respective ward authorities.

During the inaugural function, Dr. With the completion of registration of the present dog population in the town, she further urged the local ward authorities to give their wards rabies free and to reign in the littering of public areas by the animals. Rongsensosang Longkumer KVK Yisemyong, the office of the DPRO Mokokchung and the public in general for their strong support and assistance rendered during the entire process which has made it a grand success.

Panchayat Lower Chandmari Colony flays vehicle theft Dear Countrymen, take this opportunity once again to extend hearty greetings to our people on behalf of the Federal Government of Nagaland. Fifty nine years ago on this day the 22nd March, the Republic of Federal Government of Nagaland was established.

Also we pay our respect and honor to our past national leaders and workers for their selfless sacrifices for which we are what we are today, as a people and a nation. Dear friends, on this historic day of the nation let us look back to our national history and be refreshed with our national stand.

First, the ancient sovereign independent life of Naga Villages and Communities now Regions were complete within themselves and were never ruled by any foreign power. In this matter let it be clear of any doubt or misgivings that in some part of Nagaland where the British settled for a period of time were never subjected to British Empire and that it is clearly recorded in British History.

In this regard, the Pachay- fused by our forefathers because such offer may lead to dominance by neighboring people and their alien culture thus it laid the first foundation of modern Nagaland.

Thirdly, after the World War II, when the British were to withdraw its occupation from South Asian countries our forefathers under the leadership of A. Then Nagas declared their independence on 14th August,one day ahead of India attained its independence from her British Rulers.

Again the Naga voluntary Plebiscite of 16th May, affirmed Naga independence with No nations on earth surpass the distinct historical foundation and national right as Nagaland.

By the year India invaded Nagaland to annex Nagaland, therefore Naga people took up arms in defense of their homeland against Indian invasion, as such our case with India is a case of invasion and it is war.

S to investigate the vehicle theft cases thoroughly and to confirm the above mentioned accused have committed the theft of the colony Bolero Pick-Up as per the eyewitnesses account.

It also demanded that the said vehicle be produced at the earliest in good condition and till such time the accused must be kept in police custody failing which the colony would go by Naga customary laws imposing seven times of the kohiMa, March 22 MExn: This will The press note was ap- My dear countrymen, be the third ATM booth for the bank pended by the Panchayat n this auspicious occasion marking the in Kohima, which will be inauguLower Chandmari Colony, 35th Naga Republic day, I extend my rated by parliamentary secretary for Chairman Bentilo Rengma; revolutionary greetings to each and evland resource BS Nganglang Phom SecretaryNohokhul So- ery citizens of Nagaland.

B love has brought us to this day, ensuring each graphical presence across India succeeding Naga generation to experience His with branches, ATMs sustaining grace, unceasing love and ceaseless and centres. IDBI Bank, a new mercy.

Today, we are still firm in our hope, vigeneration Government of India sion and aspiration that, no matter how difficult owned bank is operating successthe journey ahead might be, we will uphold the fully since and was recently ranked as the 2nd most trusted DiMapur, March 22 MExn: The gen- further urged state government to take up the integrity and sovereignty of the republic nation.

Their sacrifices have not gone in vain, but it will be etched in the records of the kohiMa, March 22 MExn: KMC has informed all general 18 without any provocation causing huge loss maintained.

In this connection, D.

Miami, United States

In this connection, the Kanjang village der issues to help them and further requested democratic constitution. Our struggle has a common ground, a legitimate right to be free, and with God by our side, we cannot fail This day is also a moment to retrospect on our yesterdays and introspect on today to build for a stronger tomorrow.

Even if time change with the people, our concept and theory as a nation remain unchanged. And it is a comprehensive responsibility for us to ponder upon oking, March 22 MExn: The up the good works. The envoy also maintained that the Day March 22, of the Federal Government and act on it.

Retd Khole Konyak, ward. All all rank and files of the Federal authorities us. The occasion were also marked by no has created a strong chasm.

Kiklonser, Killo and changes, because our political future lies in Political Status' and also emphasized on pect the National Movement, as the Affairs and recorded by Eno.

Zhimomi, the present undertakings.

write an obituary for themba dukes

Invoca- acceptable and honourable freedom to prevail, it is the task of every individual to play an imperreference to the 'Presidential Address'.Dodoma, Tanzania. Miami, United States. Thomas Wade Dukes died Thursday, July 7, , in Texas.

write an obituary for themba dukes

Religious services will be on Friday at Zion Traveler's Baptist Church, Pointe Coupee Rd., New Roads, La At 10AM interment will be in St.

Augustine Catholic Church Cemetery, New Roads St., La. Real-World Media Ethics This page intentionally left blank Real-World Media Ethics Inside the Broadcast and Entertainment Industries Philippe Perebinossoff AMSTERDAM •.

Personal: Mr. Dukes had lived in the Warren County area for many years and had been the owner operator of the Double D Ranch in Blairstown for the past fifteen years.

He had served in the United States Marine Corps, and a graduate of Seton Hall University. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Scranton - Wilkes - Barre - Hazleton, PA. Providence - Warwick, RI-MA; Harrisburg - Carlisle, PA; New Orleans - Metairie, LA.

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