Write a memo to your boss

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Write a memo to your boss

Circulated as it was to seemingly half the company I feel we developers are now operating under an insurmountable stigma. Yes, we all know the product shipped late. You want to know why the schedule was missed so badly, and want an action plan to assure this problem will never reoccur.

I was just one of many developers on the project.

write a memo to your boss

Let me assure you, that, contrary to your strongly-stated opinion, we were not "spending half our time surfing the net for porn instead of cranking code", nor was the team composed of "laggards and slackers. Each of us are college-educated, highly trained engineers with years of experience. The timecards show we averaged 70 hours a week valiantly trying to tame the beast.

So maybe we did check personal email once in a while. Professionals cannot work in an environment lacking trust. Edwards Deming, the great quality guru, long ago examined factors influencing motivation. He found professionals get most of their drive from "intrinsic" motivating factors, those that come from within ourselves.

Things like feeling part of the team. Wanting to deliver a great product. Intolerance of poor quality. He described "extrinsic" motivators as those imposed from on-high, usually without any sort of buy-in from the professionals involved.

write a memo to your boss

Artificial measurements ranked high on his list of extrinsic motivators. Deming showed that extrinsic motivators invariably drive out the intrinsic ones.

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In other words, people shrug in frustration and work to meet the numbers, rather than try to make things right. You wanted lots and lots of software, and we gave it to you. Oh, man, we cranked code! Most of it sucked, of course, and the resulting clean-up is still incomplete. Which leads to the next point.I’d probably add “and get your resume up to date.” Depending on how bad the boss really is, the tips above can keep you alive while you’re there, but if it’s hideous, and especially if the boss stands in the way of any future improvement, you can plan to move on.

Sample Memo to Boss. To: Joe Campos, VP of Sales From: Kate Chaplain, Senior Sales Associate Date: April 5, Subject: Quarterly Review Mr.

Campos, I’ve attached my quarterly review report to this email, but I also wanted to quickly discuss the trends I’ve . Mar 23,  · There may be occasions when it’s appropriate to write a memo or a brief, succinct message to your boss.

Depending on your internal corporate protocols, the memo may be formatted and sent via email, or you may craft a traditional format in a document to be used as a printed distribution or an email attachment.

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Mar 30,  · Not everyone got the memo. It's a new day, and strong leaders are people who listen more than they talk. They ask the experts on the ground -- .

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