Thesis on power electronics and drives

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Thesis on power electronics and drives

Thursday, April 21, - 3: Kirtley co-supervisor Professor Steven B.

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Leeb co-supervisor Professor Jeffrey H. Lang Professor David J. Converting electricity to mechanical motion is a foundation of modern civilization. These drives are not only critical in a wide range of applications including industrial processes, electric propulsion systems, and power generation plants but also becoming increasingly relevant for optimizing energy consumption.

In addition to being a controllable knob for energy conversion, these VSDs are configurable to support the electrical source, e.

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At these higher power levels, the VSD design is significantly challenging due to the limited available power-electronic device ratings and allowable switching frequency leading to design trade-offs among size, efficiency, performance, reliability, and cost.

This dissertation proposes a switched-doubly-fed machine switched-DFM drive that uses a parallel architecture for electromechanical energy conversion to reduce the required power processing capability of the power-electronic converter by two-thirds while operating seamlessly over a wide speed range.

Additionally, the proposed architecture provides exciting opportunity for supporting the electric grid with reactive power not only through the VSD but also using the electrical machine.

Thesis on power electronics and drives

The approach confronts the challenges of high power electromechanical energy conversion from the perspective of electromagnetics, power electronics, circuit design, embedded computing, and control to push the trade-off boundary for the VSD to be physically small, efficient, reliable, flexible, inexpensive, and electric-grid friendly.

The thesis contributions include a design procedure for the proposed switched-DFM drive based on a required drive-torque-speed capability, a control architecture that can achieve seamless performance across the entire speed range from the perspective of the electrical grid and the mechanical load, multiple transfer-switch circuit topologies enabling uninterrupted on-the-fly reconfiguration of the DFM, steady-state and dynamic performance comparison between different switched-DFM drive topologies, and an exploration of DFM electromagnetic design considerations that suits the proposed architecture.

A lab-scale prototype of the proposed switched-DFM drive emulating an entire power system from generation to consumption is designed and built to demonstrate seamless, wide-speed range, and four-quadrant operation of the drive.

Thesis on power electronics and drives

The proposed methodologies can be used to create efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for high power electromechanical energy conversion systems.The research lab, Applied Power Electronics Laboratory (APEL), recently acquired Triphase equipment to support their PhD students’ thesis research experiments.

The university is among the most prestigious and competitive in India and the Triphase equipment takes their capabilities to the next level of manipulating power. Power Electronics and Drives –Modeling & Simulation. POWER ELECTRONIC CONVERTERS – the heart of power a power electronics system 10 Power Electronic Systems Why Power Electronics?

MLI Survey MSc Thesis Chalmers Cargado por. . investigated in this thesis.

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The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) continuously develops new power systems that explore current (ac) for motor drives. These innovations could save cost, improve efficiency and enhance the overall war the current Semikron-Semiteach Power Electronics Teaching System (PETS) module to an integrated, cost.

Switch-mode dc-to-ac inverters used in ac power supplies and ac motor drives where In chapter OUTLINE OF THESIS Second chapter of this dissertation deals with a brief overview of different multilevel inverter topologies and new research topics in this field are presented their advantages and disadvantages are discussed briefly and these.

Drives - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Power electronics and drives. Power Electronics and Drives: Dr. Zainal Salam, FKE, UTM Skudai, JB 1 DC to AC Conversion (INVERTER) • General concept • Basic principles/concepts.

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