Spring garden tools case study linear programming

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Spring garden tools case study linear programming

The company sells garden tools to distributors and also directly to hardware stores and home improvement discount chains. Each of these tools is made from durable steel and has a wooden handle.

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The Spring family prides itself on its high-quality tools. The manufacturing process encompasses two stages. The first stage includes two operations--stamping out the metal tool heads and drilling screw holes in them.

The completed tool heads then flow to the second stage. The second stage includes an assembly operation, in which the handles are attached to the tool heads, a finishing step, and finally packaging. The processing times per tool for each operation are provided in the following table: The steel the company uses is ordered from an iron and steel works in Japan.

The company has 10, square feet of sheet steel available each month. The metal required for each tool and the monthly contracted production volume per tool are provided in the following table: The reasons the company has prospered are its ability to meet customer demand on time and its high quality.

As a result, the Spring Company will produce on an overtime basis in order to meet its sales requirements, and it also has a longstanding arrangement with a local tool and die company to manufacture its tool heads.

The Spring Company feels comfortable subcontracting the first-stage operations, since it is easier to detect defects prior to assembly and finishing.

Spring garden tools case study linear programming

For the same reason, the company will not subcontract for the entire tool, since defects would be particularly hard to detect after the tool is finished and packaged. However, the company does have hours of overtime available each month for each operation in both stages.

The regular production and overtime costs per tool for both stages are provided in the following table: The cost of subcontracting in stage 1 adds 20 percent to the regular production cost.

The Spring Company wants to establish a production schedule for regular and overtime production in each stage and for the number of tool heads subcontracted, at the minimum cost. Formulate a linear programming model for this problem and solve the model using a computer.

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Application of linear programming - a case study individual profit contributions from the area allocated to each use, and the total construction. Spring Garden Tools Case Study Linear Programming. Dear Mr.

I.C. Spring, The following report will provide information on the scheduling of garden tool production for the upcoming month at Spring Garden schwenkreis.comt 1 provides information regarding Lindo input and output based on a model that is designed to minimize the cost from the total production and subcontracting of garden tools.

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