Of mice and men how does crooks treat lennie

Each response needs to be a paragraph in length, or 5 plus sentences. Remember that a paragraph consists of an opening or introductory sentence, a concluding sentence, and the middle sentences contain the details and proof of your point.

Of mice and men how does crooks treat lennie

Of mice and men how does crooks treat lennie

Great Valley High School. They have each other and that makes them different from all of other characters. They are not necessarily stuck in the circle of all ranchers; they have a chance to go onto bigger things.

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The story takes place during the Great Depression. Finding a job and remaining optimistic was hard back then. Through this, Steinbeck reveals the theme that hope and companionship is necessary to survive. Candy shows that companionship and hope are necessary to survive. His best friend and lifelong companion were his sheep dog.

He grew up with him herding sheep when he was young. That dog gave Candy reason to live. This left Candy without a friend and much hope. He was down in the dumps until he heard George and Lennie talk about the farm that they are going to own one day.

He spends all his time planning how their farm is going to be and the jobs they are all going to do. Unfortunately, his dream is crushed when Lennie does a bad thing.

Candy is once again just a normal rancher without hope or a real friend. He will live the rest of his life unhappy. Crooks also proves that hope and companionship are needed to survive.

I tell ya a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick. He is black and living during the Great Depression, and unfortunatley there was intolerance for black people back then.

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Crooks would take any friend he could get, even someone as crazy as him. Just being around other people that treat him equal makes him feel good. He thinks that he can escape the world he is stuck in and becomes optimistic for a short while.

Crooks shows that hope and companionship are necessary to survive. The fact that companionship and hope are necessary to survive is well demonstrated by Lennie and George. They have each other, which separates them from the other men.

Most men were just trying to do the best they could for themselves, as it was hard to find work and earn money at the time. It was also their instinct to compete and be wary of others that could challenge for their job.

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George and Lennie teamed up instead of turning on one another. Lennie was big and strong, so he could do hard work.Of Mice and Men to help you better comprehend the novel. The work for each chapter (vocabulary, study guide questions, and log) will be due upon completion of each chapter.

Ms. Kizlyk – English 3B Of Mice and Men Study Guide Chapter 1 (pages ) 1) Identify and give a physical description of Lennie and George.

To stress the similarity between Candy's position and Lennie's, Steinbeck has Candy, and no other character in the play, treat Lennie as his mental equal.

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Furthermore, George never explains Lennie's condition to Candy as he does, say, to Slim. Of Mice and Men Essay Questions 1. In this novel the “dream” of having their own place is very important to George and Lennie.

How does the writer use their. It's hard to pick the most pathetic character in Of Mice and Men, but Crooks comes close. Isolated because of his skin color, he's been alone for so long he doesn't even want to make a friend. Isolated because of his skin color, he's been alone for so long he doesn't even want to make a friend.

Of Mice and Men has an allegorical quality, with each character possessing a specific trait that represents something in society. Identify these traits in the main characters, explain their relevance to the book, and the book’s comment on society.

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