My safe place

Now I want to show you how I made it: I used my Autumn Love fabric collection and was able to use a lot of the leftover bits and pieces from the sew along F3 for the flower center F10 for the leaves F33 for the flower pots The petals are really easy to make because you just sew one F20 shape I used all of the prints and divided them into piles of colors.

My safe place

Please enter a valid email address Submit A safe, quiet home allows space for self-reflection and trying out new ideas. My home, however, makes life after being assaulted by MS a safe place to be. In my case, not only has this condition robbed me of my ability to perform many basic daily functions, such as going through a whole day without getting fatigued, but it has also limited my ability to go out in warm weather — or sometimes just to go out at all.

One of the only places I find refuge from the daily onslaught of MS symptoms is my home.

My safe place

I love my home. Cooling Products for Multiple Sclerosis Craving a Place to Call Home My father moved us around a great deal when I was young, so I My safe place some place — anywhere on this earth — to call home. Having many childhood homes made life confusing for someone like me.

We also studied much about disability, which can affect some of these people. So in my mind I started to explore what home means to me and my disability. I immediately realized that to me, home is without question that special place where I can be myself, with manageable interference from the outside world.

There is no judgement in my safe place. My partner and I have different schedules so we are not always together. In MS, the jury seems to be undecided as to whether anxiety occurs because of neurological damage to the brain or because of other reasons. Regardless, I feel daily anxiety because of the thin ice I live on.

So I make quiet time for myself to do my breathing exercises and meditate on being calm with an appreciation of gratitude and the positive in my life. Home is the perfect place to do this.

Having a home in the country makes all of this possible, without the rigors of urban life or city noise and congestion. Nature is all around me, an added benefit with meditation.

Writing is also a large part of my creative process, something I do without any pressure — just a love for creativity. Just the space around my work environment helps me feel accomplished, an important feeling when one is dealing with a monstrous challenge like MS.

I feel accomplished when I write and when I meditate.

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All this happens at home. It seems that no matter how prepared I am, my disability, riddled with mobility issues and brain fog, is hard to deal with.

Since home is familiar territory, there is plenty of time to experiment with different ideas. Many of these ideas involve modifications or keeping up with changing needs that come with living with a chronic illness. I find it necessary to develop confidence with various tasks at home before I venture out in the big world outside my own home.

When I lie down for some quiet time, I get to check in with myself to see how my emotions and attitudes are faring in the midst of the robber grabber experience. My last quiet meditation revealed to me how much I love my home and the influence it has on the way I act.Each shelter/safe room is built at our shop in Jonesboro, AR from start to finish.

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I have had over a dozen surgeries between my back and neck and just recently had a total knee replacement and was taking Tylenol and oxycodone after surgery but I’m over 3 weeks out and ran out of oxy and was trying to baby them but the problem I’m concerned about is I’ve had a pain level that sometimes goes up to a 7 and knowing I’m not supposed to take too many Tylenol at at a dosing.

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