It conversion strategies essay

Here are just five of the strategies he shared in a:

It conversion strategies essay

The client, accompanied with her mother and siblings, recently moved in with the grandmother. The grandfather is recently deceased. The main factor reported for the separation was infidelity.

At time of admission, the father was in town visiting. It was clear that the client was internalizing the separation. The case study suggests a diagnosis of Conversion Disorder.

Conversion Disorder is common in younger clients and related to a particular stressor Morrison, Additionally, substance use dose not explain these symptoms, nor are they a manipulation for material gain.

They severity of symptoms will typically worsen in the face of stressors. This appears to be a typical case of Conversion Disorder. In particular, this client has undergone numerous testing, medical procedures, and physical therapy in an attempt to determine the cause of her condition.

Additionally, her symptoms began a year before the referral to the psychology department. Also, as noted, they worsened when the father was getting ready to leave from visiting.

Two of the criteria for Conversion Disorder were evident at the time of admission. Additionally, when It conversion strategies essay about the father, the client became notably upset.

While this diagnosis seems to be the best fit for this case, there is one symptom that is not consistent with Conversion Disorder, pain. The client reported soreness in addition to the swelling.

This would suggest a Pain Disorder. The criteria for a Pain Disorder are similar to those for a Conversion Disorder.

To meet the criteria for a Pain Disorder, there is pain in one or more areas of the body. Like Conversion Disorder, Pain Disorder affects daily living including work, school, and socialization.

High stress situations typically act as a trigger for the symptoms. Finally, the symptoms no other disorder can explain the symptoms nor are the intended for material gain. As reported this client was experiencing soreness in her leg which affected her daily life and worsened under stress.

She had been experiencing symptoms for about one year. Illness is typically, determined chronic after six months. The intern on this case conferred with a colleague on this case who suggested strategic family therapy.

With this technique the therapist uses behavioral metaphors and a social hypothesis to: In the case of this client, the therapist used the behavioral metaphor that the client was unable to walk because something was stopping her from moving forward.

Examining this situation the therapist learned that there were family issues of separation and there was a promise between the mother and the grandfather regarding the care of the grandmother.

This included the client focusing on her own healing. As the client had internalized the problems of her mother and father, the therapist focused strategies on their issues and their relationship.

One useful technique that the therapist used was to place the client in the middle of the two parents. This gave the client the feeling of togetherness and allowed her to feel a relief from stress and focus on healing.

Through information gathering, the therapist learned that the mother of the client felt bound to stay with the grandmother because the grandfather was gone and the mother has made a promise to care for the grandmother.

It conversion strategies essay

The therapist also recommended and provided a referral for marriage counseling. The outcome in this case was positive. In this case the family seemed very committed to the client. However, not all families will be as supportive or willing to listen to a therapist.

In these cases this form of therapy will be less beneficial.Distinguish among and recommend roll out, turnover, chart conversion, and data conversion strategies based on organizational needs Custom Essay [meteor_slideshow slideshow=”arp1″] This assignment should be 5 pages of Distinguish among and recommend roll out, turnover, chart conversion, and data conversion strategies based on organizational.

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