Cinema for entertainment not for education

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Cinema for entertainment not for education

There are many films with a particular goal.

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The purpose of film should to make you feel something. Be it happy and laughing or sad and emotionally scarred. If you feel entertained the film worked and if you feel amazed at the artistry of film then it worked. When we enter a cinema hall with a tired and heavy heart,our only objective is entertainment.

The aim of the filmmaker should be to fulfill our objectives.

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It varies according to the ideas and imaginations of the film makers. They are highly imaginative. You can have many ways other than cinemas to learn something new. Frozen has nothing related to real life. Again, it provided real entertainment. The morals you have mentioned in Round Film should reaffirm the need to live while confronting one with the terrible consequences of living.

Film can also simply provide the necessary escape from the tedious and horrible aspects of life. You have to say about "The aim of cinema is to educate". Please stick on to the topic. Entertainment is a defining feature of contemporary culture. Mainstream cinema is famous for painting a superficial image of things.

In films, life is oversimplified. The many hurdles are all solved in mere three hours and a "happy ending" is imposed. Movies are, after all, for entertainment. Love stories rule cinema. Even a patriotic movie tends to have some love.

Movies generally terminate with the marriage but in reality, it is after marriage that the real test begins. The deal is not to build a love relationship but to maintain it.

Cinema for entertainment not for education

But Movies never talk about this. They don"t even consider the differences- inter-caste and inter-religious marriage issues are hardly ever taken up.

The issue is generally the difference in status. Love stories also glorify run-away brides and teenagers running away for some "adventure".

The society which watches ever step that we take is completely ignored.

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In movies, life, in general, is shown to be waiting for that one opportunity. Take one right step and everything becomes smooth. The complexities and struggles in life is never shown. Because people want to leave the hall with a smiling face. This is how people understand the movie culture interesting.

The most important factor which determines the quality of a movie is how much it can entertain its viewers. Sometimes, they even don"t care whether the story is logical or not as long as the movie satisfies their expectation of what entertainment is. In my opinion, the most important factor that contribute to good movies are entertainment.This has been my refuge and oasis for 26 years!!!

I’ve gone through phases where there wasn’t a film on their marquis that I hadn’t seen here. Did not love every film of course- but always a worthwhile venture because they’re so carefully curated.

Mar 16,  · Science says it's not surprising the film is controversial (and Rotten Tomatoes can't predict what people think is a good movie). This short book enters into a debate that has a lengthy history, not only in the context of cinema but in relation to the cultural industries more broadly.

From its inception, cinema has found itself straddling the entertainment/art distinction that has frequently divided mass-cultural forms from their elite counterparts. QSC Cinema is the global leader in signal processing, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers for all cinema applications.

Our “SystemSynergy” design approach ensures that the entire system, from source to sound, delivers an audio experience as intended by the filmmakers. Mar 20,  · People are turning to education for entertainment, whether from online lectures, learning vacations or television, for the love of learning new things and to stay economically viable.

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