Ceda botswana business plan

To promote the development of competitive of sustainable and growth oriented citizen owned youth enterprises and to create sustainable employment opportunities for young people through the development of sustainable projects. The YDF Assistance is available to individuals and companies who meet the following criteria:

Ceda botswana business plan

ceda botswana business plan

The course is meant for first line supervisors and middle managers in private, parastatal and public sector OBJECTIVES Have a clear understanding of the concept of supervision, and what the job of supervisor entails.

Be able to perform the core functions of planning and decision making, organizing, coordinating and controlling. Effectively carry out the supervisory responsibilities of managing operations, managing resources, managing people and managing information.

Be effective leaders of their work teams. Be able to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization and in particular with their team members. Use their time at work optimally. Recognize what employees are looking for to be truly engaged.

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Understand financial management and the role of accounting processes therein. Understand and communicate better with finance specialist in their enterprises. To enable participants understanding the difference between financial accounting and financial management and appreciate the need to ensure enterprise are adequately financed.

This module is meant for supervisors, middle managers, senior executives and Human Resources Practitioners of organisations in the public, private and parastatal sectors who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring discipline in their various organizations, and may be expected to initiate or conduct or chair disciplinary and grievance hearings.

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OBJECTIVES Have a clear understanding of the legal framework within which disciplining of employees occur Know the rights and obligations of each party in a disciplinary hearing Be able to distinguish between procedural and substantive fairness, and the standards of proof used to determine fairness.

Be able to conduct a fair disciplinary hearing and impose an appropriate sanction Effectively deal with employee grievance, following the appropriate procedure. Be able to calculate basic pay, overtime and leave pay. Understand the rights and obligations and the Employer and Employee in the work environment.

This module is meant for industrial relation practioners and line mangers in the public and private sector, who must create a conducive and enabling environment and harmonious relations in a unionized workplace.

Have a clear understanding of the legal framework that governs the management labour relations in Botswana. Have an appreciation of what trade unions do in the workplace.

ceda botswana business plan

Have grasped the basic principles, and rights and obligations of both employers and unions. Be able to effectively manage labour relations in a unionised environment.

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The first wholly citizen owned car rental company in Botswana, went under LEA’s arm in who then took them through a journey of entrepreneurship. The District Development Plan 6, Urban Development Plan 2 and National Development Plan 9 are the first development plans to be drawn up after the adoption of Vision Policies and programmes contained in these plans should be designed to further the ideals and objectives of the Vision.

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