Art of comparison

Order now The first piece of art that I analyzed is the Cathedral of St. This photograph of a giant cathedral is amazing.

Art of comparison

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters Dreaming and imagination have been popular topics in art throughout history. These two works of art deal each with the topic of imagination and dreams, but in two very different ways. There, she discovers exotic birds, lions, and an elephant.

In the classic Post-Impressionist style, Art of comparison Dream uses intense colors to evoke emotions in the viewer. As with other great Post-Impressionist artists, Rousseau sought to invoke powerful emotional responses in the viewers of his artwork.

Though the woman in the painting has never been to Africa, she can imagine what it must be like there in her dream, just as Rousseau had never been outside of France, but enjoyed painting exotic far-off lands based on depictions from popular literature, frequent visits to the gardens and zoo in Paris, and his own imagination Henri Rousseau Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.

Gift of Nelson A. Rockefeller Source The Sleep of Reason Produces Art of comparison The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters features an artist asleep at his drawing table, dreaming of evil monsters represented by owls, bats, and a cat.

According to Schwendener, this etching was part of an part series by Goya entitled Los Caprichos, in which Goya criticized the abuses by the Catholic Church, social issues such as pedophilia and prostitutionand persisting superstition in an age of revolution.

Art of comparison

The bats symbolize ignorance, the owls symbolize folly, and the cat symbolizes witchcraft Schwendener. Goya believed that imagination and reason should not be separated from one another. This work serves as a warning that we should not be governed by reason or imagination alone Los Caprichos: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

This etching serves as a transitional work of art between the Enlightenment period and the Romantic period.

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The dark colors and frightening themes serve to warn the viewer of some terrible fate. The sleep of reason produces monsters No. Each piece depicts a sleeping person experiencing a vivid dream in which the dreamers have encountered extraordinary beasts.

Both dreamers imagine types of birds and cats in their dreams. Both pieces can also be viewed through the lens of multiple art movements. Whereas Enlightenment doctrine promotes reason over emotion, Romanticism focuses more on emotions and imagination. While Rousseau used vibrant, unnatural colors and unrealistic proportions to create a dreamlike quality in The Dream, Goya took a different approach.

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters shows a dark and frightening dream world full of monsters. Because Rousseau was largely self-taught as an artist, his style was seen by critics as undeveloped and "childlike" Henri Rousseau Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works.

This lack of education may have worked in his favor in that his style was completely his own and he was free to create artwork as his imagination dictated. Goya, on the other hand, was influenced by the political climate of the time, so his artwork took on a more cynical tone.

The Dream gives a sense of wonder and begs the viewer to explore all the possibilities of their imagination, while The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters warns the viewer not to sacrifice reason for imagination, or vice versa.

Though these two works share a common theme, there are many differences between the more innocent themes of The Dream and the darker themes of The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. Takeaway These works show how the humanities help to shape our understanding of our culture and the world around us.

Artists use their work to share their imagination and ideas with the world. Whether they simply want to share their inner imaginings, as with Rousseau, or make a deeper political statement, as did Goya, creating art allows the artist to express their most personal ideas and viewpoints to their audience in a way that is engaging and interesting.

As cultural moods change, we can also find new interpretations and meanings in existing works of art. All artwork is important to understanding and preserving our culture, whether it is visual art, music, or literature.

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Each of these works helps us to understand the role of imagination in influencing the humanities. It shows that art can transport the viewer to places that they have never even imagined visiting.

It illustrates that relying too much on imagination without using reason can have frightening consequences. Together, these two works illustrate both the good and the dark sides of the imagination.This section of The Art Story website takes a different approach to learning about art.

The modern artists we discuss here are analyzed using comparisons to famous artworks by classical artists to point out the exact, modern, achievements. Art Comparison Essay Art Comparison Art works of the past preserved for the present civilizations represents a great deal knowledge and information regarding the characteristics of the society and values in the past - Art Comparison Essay introduction.

Art of comparison

Another influential work of art dealing with similar themes is The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, an etching by Spanish Romantic artist Francisco Goya. It was created in and is currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of .

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These. Art comparison paper is an essay, the topic of which is an object of art, performance, or literature work.

For instance, comparison of Greek and Chinese theater can be a good example of art comparison paper. Comparison of Babylonian Art vs. Egyptian Art Essay Words | 4 Pages. Comparison of Babylonian Art vs. Egyptian Art Over the history of man, there have been many prosperous empires that ruled in different parts of the world.

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