Amiens cathedral

Gigapixel Images Plan This is a basilica where a five aisled choir and a three aisled nave is intersected by an aisled transept of shallow projection. The seven segment hemicycle is encircled by a single aisled ambulatory with seven radiating chapels, the axial chapel projecting more deeply than the others. To the west a frontispiece of unusual design embodies tower supporting masonry in the western bay of the nave carrying two rectangular towers.

Amiens cathedral

Strassbourg Rouen If you have time, try to visit the towers of the cathedral of Amiens for a breathtaking view of the green city!

At the same time, this will give you a starting Amiens cathedral to look out for where you want to go from there afterward. So you get to sit in a barge while you get to take in the most beautiful side of the city of Amiens in a different light. You can walk from the cathedral to the floating gardens.

The floating gardens are a wide network of small connected channels with little green patches of private gardens which belong to the locals. Amiens cathedral environment is breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful and intriguing at the same time. Most of the locals have decorated their little green islands in a very creative way and each of those islands looks differently but fits into the environment.

Some of these locals have inherited these lands from their forefathers and while you might imagine that they only grow decorative plants, you will be surprised to learn that these islands grow everything from potato to apple trees.

The biological diversity of plants and animals is very rich too and you will sight a few birds amongst many other things. The labyrinth of floating gardens will amaze you for about one hour and the guy handling the barge will share a lot of details about the whole surrounding and history of the area.

We were alone that day since we visited in April and they had just opened after the winter. When you plan on visiting the floating gardens, inform yourself on the opening timings and ask when there are the least of visitors. Floating in the barge past the islands in the channel is like a peaceful meditation and well worth a visit!

Other points of interests besides the Amiens cathedral get lost in the museum of the famous science fiction writer Jules Verne visit the Belfry of Amiens lesser known insider tip!

You can walk up the stairs for another breathtaking view! Look out for the wooden man in the river and the woman in a green dress. Smart homemade French food prepared with attention to the detail and fresh local ingredients.

Le Quai — Located in the charming old town lane, le Quai belu.

Amiens cathedral

Very regional feel to it with authentic regional food Bistrot du Boucher — Popular for its choice of meat dishes. Indian — Great for Indian food and spiced vegetarian food. The food quality has gone down since the property changed hands.

Generally speaking, Amiens does not lack great food. You will see a lot of ethnic food and various themed food places in town and you will rarely get disappointed by the food and preparation quality.

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Best time to visit Amiens We visited in April. At that time there are not that many tourists so you have the Amiens cathedral and points of interests to yourself.

Amiens cathedral

We loved that but we were lucky too, because the floating gardens, for example, had just started out the day before. So if you plan on visiting at that time or the end of the main season, then contact the tourism department first.

It was raining on that day as well but once the sun was out it got warm quickly. Th best time to visit Amiens is most probably May-September during the warmer summer months.

Consider that July and August are common months family holidays.

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If you are looking for a quiet period, visit in June or September. Also, Amiens is quite inviting during the Christmas period. The city organizes a Christmas market too. That makes Amiens a great weekend getaway place for British citizens.

However, the below accommodations are recommended by visitors. People are friendly and forthcoming and if you have questions, need help or you are looking for a guide, contact the tourism department of Amiens.

They will be able to guide you around further.The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens (French: Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens), or simply Amiens Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of is situated on a slight ridge overlooking the River Somme in Amiens, the administrative capital of the Picardy region of France, some kilometres (75 miles) north of Paris.

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Amiens Cathedral. YOUR MUST USE NETSCAPE TO VIEW THIS SITE. Amiens (French pronunciation:) is a city and commune in northern France, km (75 mi) north of Paris and km (62 mi) south-west of is the capital of the Somme department in city had a population of , according to the census.

It has one of the biggest university hospitals in France with a capacity of . The Amiens cathedral is world’s biggest gothic-style cathedral, and also world’s 19th biggest cathedral. It is France’s tallest one, and it has the biggest interior of any cathedral in France.

The building of the cathedral started in the year and was finished in the year (although. Visit Amiens Cathedral, one of the finest examples of sacred Gothic art.

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